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A Quick Guide to Permanent Makeup Aftercare

You’re getting permanent makeup soon. I bet you can’t wait to show off your new look. Not to mention time, money, and cabinet space that’s about to be freed up.
However, we need to talk about something not as thrilling. Enter aftercare.
Forgoing this crucial step of the procedure leads to discoloration at best and sepsis at worst. If you want to avoid that unpleasantness, follow this guide to keep your permanent makeup clean and colorful.
Hands Off
Remember what permanent makeup is- a tattoo. Newly tattooed skin should not be touched. Doing so runs the risk of inflammation and dirt getting into the area, causing a bacterial infection.
Dirt also builds up on pillows, so sleep on one that is freshly washed. If you usually sleep on your face, you’ll have to change your position for the next few weeks to prevent friction and tearing.
As the skin heals, it will begin flaking and scabbing. You must resist the urge to pick at this, or you will lose pigment and end up with uneven coloring.
Clean the Area Regularly
Infection can also result from neglecting to remove grime from the area.
When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with warm- not hot- water before you do anything else. Don’t rub it dry- pat it very lightly. We often rush through things that we’re doing for ourselves. You must go against that instinct with new permanent makeup.
Don’t put any makeup on the area for at least five days. This is a surefire way for grime to get in, and your skin isn’t as tough against bacteria as it usually is.
Apply an antibiotic ointment to the area several times a day- a very light amount to avoid sogging.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re going to miss out on spa and beauty days for a while. You cannot have facials or Botox for four weeks after permanent makeup procedures.
Think about it this way. If you’ve just painted your bedroom walls, the last thing you should do is stick a decal on because it would ruin your paint job and take the coloring off. The same goes for newly pigmented skin.
You’ll miss out on your usual routine for a while, but it’ll be worth it when your makeup turns out flawless.
Don’t Expose It To Heat Or Water
Think about how regular makeup fares in the face of a burning sun or a stream of water. Permanent makeup will do no better.
I’ve got more bad news. You cannot go swimming, sit in the hot tub, or have a long, hot shower for the next ten days, for the sake of your makeup and your health. When you take a shower, cut it short and turn away from the showerhead.
Even when you follow every precaution to the letter, you’ll still have inflammation. Combat that by applying an ice pack to the area daily. As always, keep the pressure light.
Don’t underestimate the commitment to permanent makeup. This area of skin needs special attention right now. It is a fresh wound and needs to be treated with that level of care.
You will be inconvenienced for a few weeks, but ultimately you will be dodging health hazards and ensuring that you get the product you paid a pretty penny for.

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