“I love my eyes but have never been able to apply eyeliner – Pamela has made my eyes gorgeous with permanent top lid eyeliner. The color is a soft, dark charcoal that looks great with or without additional eye makeup/mascara and I could not be happier!”
Chris Bluford

BeYoutifully Permanent


Eyelash enhancement is a subtle eyeliner tattooed into eyelash line. The effect creates a thicker lash appearance.

Permanent eyeliner is great for clients with allergic reactions to make-up. Saves time and money. No more eyeliner smears or smudging, do your make-up in minutes! Your eyeliner is done! The amount of the desired color always depends on you!

Whether you are wanting a smokey eyeliner, eyeliner with wings, or a wedge eyeliner this is a BeYoutiful choice!


Eyelash Enhancement


Eyeliner (basic)


Designer Eyeliner


Top Eyeliner Only


Bottom Eyeliner Only


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