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Permanent makeup / Medical Tattooing

Micropigmentation / Microblading / Permanent Makeup / Medical Tattooing is the application of pigment to the Body, eyes, brows & lips to simulate makeup or areola enhancement to give a soft, natural look.  

Non-laser Tattoo Removal / Lightening

Removal /lightening is the application of using a natural Li-Ft solution by LI Pigments.

Eyelash Enhancement eyeliner
Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent designer eyeliner
Eyelash Enhancement
Permanent eyeliner top only
Combo Brows & Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner
Combination Brow of Hairstrokes and shading
Combo brow with Powdering & nano hair strokes
Hairstroke & Powder Brows
BeYoutiful Powder Brow
Powder Brow Before & After
Powder Brow with hairstrokes
Fresh Powder Brow
Permanent lip color immediatley after. This will heal 30% lighter
Lip Color after & before
Permanent lip Blushing
Lip color immediately after and healed
Lip Blush
Permanent Lip Color
Lip Blushing
Lip Blushing

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What is Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup/ Cosmetic Tattooing/ Micropigmentation / Microblading, is the application of pigment to the eyes, lips, eyebrows or other areas of the face to simulate makeup. The intention of permanent make up is to give a soft, natural makeup look, or correct scars or other asymmetrical feature of the face, or create natural-looking enhancement. Traditional makeup can always be applied over your permanent makeup to achieve a more dramatic look. Numbing creams are used to minimize any discomfort. Women all over the world are using PMU to achieve every day make up look without having to apply traditional make up every morning.