“I just finished with my initial appointment for permanent eyeliner. Pamela is very professional and kind. She was very informative throughout the whole process and made sure that I was comfortable. She frequently told me how great I was doing which helped to get through the procedure. I would recommend to anyone looking for permanent makeup!”
Sarah Phillips

BeYoutifully Permanent

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look through our FAQ’s to see our most popular questions. Can’t see your question? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Constantly being exposed to UV light as well as all kinds of anti-aging, exfoliating and brightening skincare certainly is part of the equation.

The techniques that are used for permanent cosmetics for the eyebrow and lip area are to fade with a purpose. This allows the client to periodically “refresh their look” as they age or their styles change.

The pigment particles DO stay in the skin permanently which is why it is called “permanent makeup”.

In many other countries because the eyebrow does not stay exactly the same from day one, and maintenance is required they prefer to call it “semi-permanent.” The pigment used within the eyelashes is much more permanent because of the color formulation and lip colors are somewhere in the middle. The pigment longevity is not an exact science as there are many factors that can increase or decrease longevity. The client is never “locked” into continuing services with their permanent cosmetics they can simply allow them to fade away and use the gradually disappearing pigment as a guide for their pencil with a perfectly symmetrical shape. Alternatively, you can plan on coming for another service every one to four years to brighten them up or alter your shape.

The easy answer is “No”. However…This is a tattooing procedure. Needles are used to place pigment in the skin. We use topical anesthetics for all of our procedures. Our clients are repeatedly asked if they are comfortable. In most cases, they report that on a scale of 1-10 that they feel between a 1-3!

BeYoutifully Permanent’s policy is to NOT tattoo during pregnancy or nursing. We want the best for your baby, and your face – and it is just safer to wait.
It is documented that anesthetic IS excreted in breastmilk.

Yes, most diabetics may, if their sugar level is under control. Please consult your physician before undergoing any procedure. 

Anyone who wants a natural appearing enhancement 24 hours a day. Women / Men with imperfect vision. Athletic /Active Women.Those with arthritis or unsteady hands. Contact lens wearers. People with sensitive eyes that tear frequently. People with visible scar tissue. People with allergies to conventional makeup. People with hair loss due to Alopecia in the brows and/or lashes.Anyone who is tired of their makeup smudging, smearing or rubbing off.

You are sent home with literature and products designed to guide you during the recovery, healing process. Tips for comfort, sanitation, what you can expect during the healing process, and how to maximize results, are all provided as part of our care. Generally speaking, you are urged to use very specific products and to avoid other products containing harmful ingredients to minimize damaging the effects of your permanent cosmetics. You are urged to avoid UV rays and sunlight. Your permanent cosmetics will take up to a month to heal. You may need to change your skin regime for the duration of the healing process. As far as normal activities are concerned, you may resume them immediately following the procedure. Specific care instructions will address potential problems.

Of course! and receive a discount. For example, you may choose to have upper and lower eyeliner applied at the same time, eyebrows and lip liner/lip shading all done in the same session, if you prefer.

Although the procedure is considered permanent, color and shape may be further augmented and changed. Colors will appear darker following a procedure but will soften, lighten, and blend during the healing process. We offer one free touch-up after healing has concluded 6-8 weeks from original procedure. Further sessions can augment, or alter previous procedures.

You can return to work the same day in most cases, depending on the type of environment you work in.

You can develop an allergy to anything, at any time. There are very few reactions reported of the pigments themselves.

An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a medical imaging technique used to visualize internal structures, and aid in diagnosing illnesses. A magnetic field is used to scan and take very detailed pictures of, one’s internal organs. Many brands of semi-permanent cosmetic pigment contain iron oxide, a metal which can be drawn to a magnet. There are a small number of reported cases of discomfort around the eyes from those wearing permanent cosmetics while undergoing an MRI. However, test studies have confirmed that the iron particles in pigment are too microscopic to react as true metals. Metal teeth fillings are safe. The same is true of our cosmetics. You may refer to mrisafety.com for more information.


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