Permanent Makeup

“I did it all – brows, liner, & lips! Pamela made sure it looked pretty & natural & I am very, very happy with it all. She is kind & considerate with a great touch.”
– Regina Pickens

BeYoutifully Permanent

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup/ Cosmetic Tattooing/ Micropigmentation / Microblading, is the application of pigment to the eyes, lips, eyebrows or other areas of the face to simulate makeup. The intention of permanent make up is to give a soft, natural makeup look, or correct scars or other asymmetrical feature of the face, or create natural-looking enhancement. Traditional makeup can always be applied over your permanent makeup to achieve a more dramatic look. Numbing creams are used to minimize any discomfort. Women all over the world are using PMU to achieve every day make up look without having to apply traditional make up every morning.

Permanent Makeup Services

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